Design Management Patterns

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Speed up changes in product and organizational design or start these changes

The Book is Based on 3 Key Ideas

Maturity Model
Design maturity model (operational, tactical, and strategic levels) is priceless when you try to implement good design on a scale, considering nuances of your company
I consider current lifecycle stage of a company, so you can maximize business value of design changes
Everydesign management pattern is focused on scaling. The book shows how to make itwork for different company sizes and lifecycle stages

Design Maturity Model

It's priceless when you try to implement good design on a scale, considering nuances of your company — this book's structure is built around a list of things you need to do first in your current situation. This is one of key differences from other books on digital product design management (their number is closing to a dozen) — they talk about a perfect future with a little help on how you can get there from your current state.

Why Patterns?

Although strategy implementation is often unique and depends on a company’s specificities, organizations solve similar problems. They implement methods and practices that are very similar. They can be re-used; it means that we can describe them in a structured way.
Operational Level
1. A design leader
2. Credibility
3. Quick wins
4. T-shaped designers
5. Hiring
6. Task management
7. A common toolset
8. Design critique sessions
9. A tried-and-tested pool of outsourcers
Tactical Level
10. Org structure
11. Stakeholder map
12. Team-work skills
13. Professional development
14. Internal marketing of design successes
15. A design system
16. A design debt
17. UX design checklists
18. Repeatable design methods
19. Meeting user needs
20. Prototyping
Strategic Level
21. Company-wide design literacy
22. Co-design
23. A design leaders' club
24. Long-term planning
25. Influence over product roadmaps
26. Design metrics that connect to business KPIs
27. Discovering user needs
28. Customer journey maps
29. UX insights knowledge base
30. ResearchOps
31. Connecting a brand and user interface
32. An employer brand
This book is for experienced design professionals — design managers, lead designers, design directors, creative directors, who want to solve more and more complex professional challenges and have career growth. Design management patterns provide the expertise that is proven by real experience. It's important to be on the cutting edge of our profession, in a cohort of strong designers.
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Yury Vetrov


I co-organize one of the biggest design conferences in Russia (Fintech Design Conf; earlier — Mail Design Conf / Dribbble Meetup, Russian Design Cup), run the oldest design digest, publish on Smashing Magazine, UXmatters, and UX Collective


I curate Future London Academy course in London, give lectures in British Higher School of Arts & Design, collaborate with many educational platforms

I lead brand and product design at Raiffeisen Bank (Russia). Before that I led several design teams (25 products) at Group, one of the largest internet companies in Europe with ~100 mln monthly users. I had a UX consultancy earlier (UI Modeling Company)


Полезный практический курс, уже начал использовать некоторые паттерны в работе —
есть положительные результаты.
Иван Петров
Полезный практический курс, уже начал использовать некоторые паттерны в работе —
есть положительные результаты.
Александр Аверин
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